7 Things People Think Of You When You Are an Old Music Lover

“Old is gold” is what they say. Listening to songs that take you back to your childhood is the best feeling ever. There is nothing that can beat the awesomeness of this nostalgia. You can only understand this feeling if you are an oldies lover, but the “cool” people around you, who are more into hip-hop, rock and pop will always try to give you an alienating feeling for your love of oldies.
Here are few things that you hear very often if you are an old music freak:

“Dukhi Aatma”

Music from the past wasn’t all sad and slow, but the major part of the old music that you listen and remember is that of slow melodies and deep, sad lyrics. You probably feel happy when you listen to that music, but people judge you for your love of sad songs, and here you are, a “Dukhi Aatma”.


Did You Have a Breakup?

You listen to any old song and your friends will surround you with such questions. Even your mother will scratch her head trying to figure out who broke your heart.


Too Outdated

The “Wanna Be” people around you will call you outdated and old fashioned, because your music taste doesn’t match theirs.


How Old Are You?

You dare to tell someone that you like a song from the 80s, 70s or so and they will start judging your age. Come’on people, we can like songs that are older than us.


Get a Life

You like old music, because you like it and that reason is enough for you to listen to that music, but it’s hard to make people understand this simple logic. They believe you listen to these songs, because you want to stay alone and you don’t have a social life. “Get a life, bro” is what they ask you to do when they go through your playlist and you want to tell them the same thing, “GET A LIFE, BRO”.


They Yawn At Your Choice

You play an old song in the car and your friends will start yawning. Your “boring” choice serves the purpose of a lullaby to them. They tell you that your type of music is so boring that they feel sleepy, but you never tell them that their kind of music gives you a headache, and for the record a good sleep is far better than a pinching headache.


You Are Gonna Die Single

People around you believe that if you listen to old melodious songs, no one is going to date you as it is boring. Well, here is an honest suggestion for you, never date someone who doesn’t understand a good melody.


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